What is Wild Human?

Wild Human offers holistic courses and retreats based around traditional outdoor skills and ancestral movement strategies, aimed at reconnecting us with our innate human-selves, bridging ancestral knowledge and modern life to re-establish a relationship with the natural world.

What makes Wild Human unique? The courses and retreats are not run from urban metropolitan hubs, but from real wilderness locations. They are not outdoor fitness camps with a pretty natural backdrop, but an immersive wilderness experience, where natural human movement patterns are only part of the equation, and where the instructors have a deep working knowledge of the natural world.

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Wild Human is about reconnecting to that wildness that lies dormant inside each and ever one of us, reconnecting you to the skills that define our species – learning to conjure fire from the wild, crafting, weaving, using hand tools, catching fish, foraging for wild edibles, preparing wild food, cooking on an open fire, tracking wildlife and learning about nature – as well as how to move fluidly through the landscape, enjoying the freedom to run, jump, climb, balance, swim and explore, safely and with practiced technique.

It is also about learning valuable life skills that promote real self-reliance – like aquatic safety techniques, learning about wilderness hazards and mastering traditional pioneering skills. The courses and trips are for wild humans, not super human – for those who want to use a pragmatic blend of ancient wisdom with modern understanding and technology to improve their wellbeing.

Lots of time is spent out of doors. When not based in an eco-lodge, the evenings will be spent ‘canopy camping’ in tree-tents or simply sleeping out under the stars around a campfire. The food is nutritious, seasonal and local, often cooked on a wood-fire. The days are long and sleep is deep and restorative. Just as there is time to be active and time to learn, there is also be time to reflect and relax and simply enjoy being in nature

“Real adventure is defined best as a journey from which you may not come back alive, and certainly not as the same person.”

– Yvon Chouinard